In Brief: I am a postdoc at the The McCourt School's Massive Data Institute at Georgetown University, where I am supervised by Lisa Singh and Ali Arab. We study forced migration using penalized inference and Variational Bayes[1].

My thesis research in statistics [1], supervised by Bobby Gramacy at Virginia Tech, was on surrogate modeling for black-box optimization and sensitivity analysis [2][3].

I also have the privilege of being involved in a neuromorphic computing (brain-like neural nets) collaboration [1][2][3] with Fangfang Xia at Argonne National Lab.

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- R package activegp: Design for and implementation of black-box sensitivity analysis using Gaussian Processes and the Active Subspace Method.

To get started, just do:

R> install.packages("activegp")



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Under Review:

- Katharine Donato, Elizabeth Jacobs, Lisa Singh, Ali Arab, and Nathan Wycoff. Using Organic Data in Migration Research

- Nathan Wycoff, Ali Arab, Katharine Donato, Lisa Singh, Elizabeth Jacobs, Kornraphop Kawintiranon, and Yaguang Liu. Forecasting Ukrainian Refugee Flows with Organic Data Sources


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Mickaël Binois et Nathan Wycoff A survey on high-dimensional Gaussian process modeling with application to Bayesian optimization ACM Transactions on Evolutionary Learning and Optimization

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Work Experience:

  • Postdoc at Georgetown's Massive Data Institute in the McCourt School of Public Policy (Summer 2021-Present).

  • Givens Scholar at Argonne National Laboratory / Math and Computer Science Division (Summer 2018).

  • Web Dev Intern at General Dynamics Mission Systems (Summer 2016).

  • Business Intelligence Intern at Comprehensive Health Services (Summer 2015).

  • Intern for Congressman Don Young (Spring 2013).

Teaching Experience (at Virginia Tech):

  • Statistics for Social Scientists (Spring 2020), Instructor of Record

  • Probability and Statistics for Electrical Engineers (Summer 2019), Instructor of Record

  • Statistics for Biologists (Fall 2018), Lab Instructor

  • Various Grading Appointments

  • I founded an undergrad academic club


  • Virginia Tech Statistics (B.S. 2016, M.S. 2018, Ph.D 2021)